Friday, September 09, 2005

Impressions from the Caucasus/ Tusheti

Yes, we came back, after 5 days heavy wodka-drinking in the Tushetian Mountains. And the hospitality of our hosts Gogita and Sopho in Cesho was great. We come back in the End of September for the Cattle Drive back from the Mountains. Here are some images:

A road

A landscape

Me at the pass


A village in Tusheti- Dartlo

A fisher- Bidsina Tsadsikidze

2 Brown trouts for dinner

A Georgian Picknik

A cleaning bath

Way home...

See more on the Caucasus at my Kaukasusblog


heatherpink said...

How beautiful. I'm jealous.:)

steven edward streight said...

I am reading about the "wilderness" as metaphor and rich genetic material archive.

I love hiking, camping, etc.

These photos are truly wonderful, Hans.

irakli said...

I am irakli you know my ant hans he was kamaz driver, i have site you can see the tushetian videos end tushetian musiq i will gled to coneqt with you,my aunt said that you are very clever man my mail is :)