Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to reanimate a Tushetian race horse or not

Alex describes witnessing the traditional horse race at Zezvaoba-Dalaoba here:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

If I had seen the mountains again

If I had seen the mountains again.
If I had saddled my horse again,
And placed colourful saddlebags on him again,
To go into the mountains.

If I could pass through Tbatana again,
For the children to hand me apples.
If I had once again seen the Bats horses on the Mountain of the Kists.
If I could return to the source of the Alazani.

If I had milked the nanny goats one last time,
And oncemore carried the wooden pail full of milk.
If only I could return to Tsovata again,
And return from there and die here.

Alexander Bainbridge does a wonderful research on the language and culture of the Bats People from Tsovata Tusheti on Transcaucasus here and here

Alexander Bainbridge on research of Bats culture

Alexander Bainbridge is saving important particles of what is left of Bats language, history, personal photos, culture, identity. Go on discovery with him on: