Sunday, May 20, 2007

If I had seen the mountains again

If I had seen the mountains again.
If I had saddled my horse again,
And placed colourful saddlebags on him again,
To go into the mountains.

If I could pass through Tbatana again,
For the children to hand me apples.
If I had once again seen the Bats horses on the Mountain of the Kists.
If I could return to the source of the Alazani.

If I had milked the nanny goats one last time,
And oncemore carried the wooden pail full of milk.
If only I could return to Tsovata again,
And return from there and die here.

Alexander Bainbridge does a wonderful research on the language and culture of the Bats People from Tsovata Tusheti on Transcaucasus here and here

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