Friday, June 23, 2006

In search for Alaia

Alaia on the right

Last October while crossing the Abano pass with local shepherders I lost at nighttime my female dog Alaia, probably she got frightend by strange shepherd dogs of a nearby camp we had to pass. As I sat on horseback she could not find my trace by nose either and she went back to Cesho some 30 km away. I hoped she would find us the same night or the next morning, but not. In the winter local villagers from Cesho told me, that she returned to Cesho on her own, and then maybe joined a camp of border guards near Girevi. This year the passes to Tusheti opened 12 days ago. I hope to be in Tusheti around 18th of July. If she survived the winter, then she probably gave birth to a bunch of puppies. If you, dear reader, find my dog by accident, drop me a comment on where did you spot her.

Alaia is originally from village Arkhoty, Akhieli in Khevsureti, where Dshardshi gave her to me in July 2004 for present. As a puppy she crossed with me Roshka-Pass and Datvis Jvari-Pass to Shatili. I really hope to find her this summer alive in Tusheti. She is now 2 years old, and a very kind dog.

Alaia as a puppy of 2 month

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